Download the ATM Helper App

//Download the ATM Helper App

Download the ATM Helper App

ATM Helper

ATMs and computers have many things in common, but one of the biggest things that they have in common is how easily they break or have errors.

ATM Helper was put together to make it easier for ATM owners to find out and understand what is going on with their ATM machines. We designed and developed this app, to be very simple, so that anyone can use it. If you’re an ATM owner, ATM Tech Loader, or Business owner, you can use ATM Helper to find out what is wrong with an ATM, diagnosis the issue, and resolve it.

This app was designed with everyone in mind from ATM Owners to ATM Sales People to your regular Repair People. The sky is the limit on who can use this app to help make ATM maintenance an easy experience. The ATM Helper app works on a database system, which is part of the reason why it’s so easy to use.

Here’s how you use this resource:

Several of the main ATM manufacturing companies (Hyosung, Triton, Tranax, Hantel, and Genmega) have been automatically included in the list and should fit your needs. Choose your ATM model from the list, enter your ATM error code at the top, press enter, and you can search through the database for your error.

If you cannot resolve the issue, then call your help desk for further assistance. But here’s the thing: when you fill out the ATM repair form, ATM Helper will cut down on some of the hassle because you’ll already know what code to give.

Do you own, sell, or fix ATMS for a living?

Then ATM Helper is a must have in order to keep your machines running smoothly.


– Information about ADA compliance

– Error codes for Hyosung ATMs

– Error codes for Triton ATMs

– Error codes for Tranax, Hantel, and Genmega ATMs

– Information about ATM branding

– ATM repair contact

– Information about setting up armored truck services

– Information about ATM ownership

– Contact form for the company

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